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Looking for an experienced engineer to service or repair your oil boiler? Ring Greenstar today! I have 27 years field service experience, working for a leading UK boiler manufacturer.

A well maintained boiler reduces pollutants and emissions, giving you a greener home and peace of mind.

Looking after your boiler today will help to ensure many years of hot water and problem-free heating. A well-kept boiler can ensure that it is operating efficiently, which reduces both fuel consumption and the chance of a breakdown.

I am enthusiastic about promoting energy conservation and the use of renewable energy from sustainable resources and therefore, I offer FREE advice on solar thermal, ground and air source heat pump renewable energy systems with every call out.

OFTEC Assessed and Qualified Technician

Are you getting the best out of your boiler?

Lack of servicing may lead to:

  • Poor efficiency: sulphur/soot deposits, bad combustion
  • Pollutants: Excessive smoke, particulates and partially burnt fuel
  • Unreliability
  • Premature component failure/breakdown
  • Oil fuel nozzle wear and poor oil regulation

Annual servicing can benefit from:

  • Staying safe
  • Improved efficiency
  • Flue gas analysis to ensure complete clean combustion
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced likelihood of boiler breakdown
  • Correct throughput of oil for appliance rated output

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The importance of annual boiler servicing 

Long term damage can occur if the boiler is not serviced regularly. During the combustion process, deposits will build up on the internal surfaces of the heat exchanger and the baffles which can decrease boiler efficiency. If left for a number of years, these deposits harden and with some designs of heat exchanger render it impossible to remove the baffles for cleaning. Subsequently, the heat exchanger flue ways become so restricted that exhaust gasses cannot freely escape – this will lead to poor combustion and more alarmingly, can cause the generation of the highly toxic poisonous gas carbon monoxide.

Caring about your environment and providing an honest, professional reliable service you can trust

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